Cosmic art

My Cosmic Art series are vibrant, healing, flowing and evocative acrylic paintings. I let the artworks evolve naturally, and the pictures below are the result of that. The images range from largest sizes at the top to smallest at the bottom, and the prices include postage and packaging.
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atlantis ocean 16x20 400 euro.jpg
in a galaxy far away 400 euro
the golden cord 16x20 inches 170 euro
sister planet 12x16 inches 80 euro
Celestial skies II 15.5 inches sq 80 euro
Celestial skies I.15.5 inches sq 80 euro
pulse of the universe 12x10 inches 40 euro
all is energy 2 9.5x11.5 inches 40 euro
ebb and flow 9.5x11.5 inches 40 euro
angelic feathers cobalt and purple 11.75x9.5 inches 30 euro